May 18, 2024


WhatsApp in India

Meta has threatened to pull WhatsApp out of India if the courts attempt to drive it to interrupt its end-to-end encryption.

Posted on April 30, 2024 at 7:00 AM •
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Clive Robinson

April 30, 2024 10:05 AM

@ ALL,

The sensible options to the “Finish To Finish Encryption”(E2EE) have been identified for a really very long time. Claude Shannon gave if a basic mathematical proof again getting on for a century in the past within the early 1940’s if not earlier.

However we have to bear in mind E2EE is only a tiny a part of the privateness downside.

To know why it’s important to perceive the basic downside of privateness is that if you’d like it it’s important to “pay ultimately” by thought and energy, which most are unwilling to do.

Thus those who do turn out to be a really clear seen sign properly above the properly trimmed grass except they go to significantly additional effort. So the worth of privateness rises but additional. The identical goes for different points to do with the ends of the communications channel which supplies rise to “site visitors evaluation” and different larger degree assaults in opposition to privateness and the attendant prices of protecting it[1].

Now think about who this value rise advantages and who it harms… Worse the way it’s enabled each technologically and sociologically.

All for the sake of apparant comfort… Thus an “simple life” has turn out to be in impact an “Orwellian life”.

As for,

“Good criminals will simply transfer to different providers”

Will they?

I really doubt it, and historical past in latest occasions reveals the other so far as,

“The comfort of digital communications”

The know-how makes the price of mass surveillance ever cheaper for those who revenue by it. And society insists that you simply should be a part of the mass surveilled at your individual expense or be an outcast.

The factor is that few even who learn this weblog, realise that we’re,

“Sleep strolling right into a lure of our personal making.”

Like lambs to the slaughter…

Thus the query is what are “we” –the harmed– going to do in opposition to these harming us?

[1] I’ve talked about many occasions through the years what you must think about as a part of a workable privateness technique. It’s not simply a variety of exhausting work, it’s additionally very fragile, and in contrast to a few years in the past nothing on “accepted channels” is ephemeral any extra. This “report all of it” coverage I’ve likened to those that surveil making an attempt to construct a “Time Machine” in order that they’ll take info and strategies from now and apply it to what occurred within the long gone to punish those who have turn out to be inconvenient tomorrow.

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