May 18, 2024

I’m certain we’re all aware of the concept of a technological singularity. People create an AI that’s good sufficient to create a fair smarter successor. That successor then creates a fair smarter successor. The method accelerates by a optimistic suggestions loop, till we attain a technological singularity, the place puny human intelligence is rapidly left far behind.

Some individuals appear to suppose that Giant Language Fashions may very well be the beginning of this course of. We prepare the LLMs on huge corpuses of human information. The LLMs then assist people create new information, which is then used to coach the following technology of LLMs. Singularity, right here we come!

However I don’t suppose so. Human nature being what it’s, LLMs are inevitably going for use to churn out huge quantity of low high quality ‘content material’ for search engine optimization and different business functions. LLM nature being what it’s, a number of this content material goes to be hallucinated. In otherwords, bullshit. On condition that LLMs can generate content material vastly sooner than people can, we may rapidly find yourself with an Web that’s principally bullshit. Which can then be used to coach the following technology of LLM. We’ll ultimately attain a bullshit singularlity, the place it’s virtually not possible to work out whether or not something on the Web is true. Enshittification at scale. Nicely executed us.

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